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    Объектив Leica PLAN APO 2.0x CORR Leica PLAN APO 2.0x CORR Objective

    Объектив Leica PLAN APO 2.0x CORR

    With the Leica PLAN APO 2.0x CORR Objective, the refractive index can be adjusted – this way you will have pin-sharp images even if there is a water column of 5 mm between your sample and the objective. The objective enables users to observe and document samples as if the water did not exist.

    When observing samples immersed in a watery solution, structures tend to blur especially in high magnification. This is due to the different refractive indices of air (index = 1) and water (index = 1.3). Potentially interesting or important structures may be easily misinterpreted through spherical aberrations that may occur as regular objectives are dedicated to the use with samples surrounded by air only.

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