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Leica DMi8 - Innovations to Fit Your Needs
15.10.2015 - 00:00

Leica DMi8 - Innovations to Fit Your Needs

Save Space - Leica DMi8 for Digital Imaging

Free yourself from the confines of rigid configurations and select only the components that you need. The Leica DMi8 is now also available as an eyepiece-free system, opening a world of new applications:

  • Observation via an external monitor saves space inside a hood
  • Use the system inside a protected area to safely image via remote operation and monitoring
  • Keep the overview of complex set ups: ideal for high throughput and complex screening

If your system is going to remain eyepiece-free, the Leica DMi8 can be configured without the optical components associated with this optical path. 

  • Save money if you plan to view your images only on a monitor


Add Flexibility! - Leica DMi8 Infinity Port, now also on the right-hand side

Infinity Ports offer nearly endless imaging possibilities by providing direct access into the fluorescence light path of the microscope:

  • Integrate a wide variety of fluorescence light sources and laser systems for advanced applications such as FRAP, photo-switching, ablation, optogenetics.
  • Design your own solutions using components from Thorlabs Cage Systems, Linos Microbench, or Nanobench attached via the Infinity Port Adapter.

Customizing your microscope has never been easier. Use the flexibility the innovative Infinity Port concept of the modular Leica DMi8 gives you:

  • Combine an Infinity Port on either the left-hand or right-hand side of the instrument with the port on the back.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to connect your devices on any side of the microscope


Gain Working Distance! - Leica DMi8 with S40 Condenser for Differential Interference Contrast

The Leica DMi8 features the most comprehensive range of condenser systems, now expanded further with the advanced S40/0.40 condenser head for Differential Interference Contrast (DIC). The S40/0.40 condenser system features a free working distance of 40 mm and a numerical aperture of 0.40.

  • Create a great balance between high resolution and free working distance
  • Perform live cell imaging and micromanipulation
  • Enjoy the excellent working area for transgenics work, such as embryonic stem cell transfer, pronucleus injection, and CRISPR techniques


Save Time! - Leica DMi8 with RFID Fluorescence Using RFID

Using the Radio Frequency Identification Device enabled fluorescence filter cubes, the Leica DMi8 system can detect which cubes are in place and communicates this to the software. Feel free to add, remove, or change cubes - your system will update accordingly.

  • Get your results faster with automatic detection of your fluorescence filter cubes, instead of teaching the system manually
  • Existing systems can be upgraded easily by just exchanging the fluorescence turret
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Новости Leica DMi8 - Innovations to Fit Your Needs

Leica DMi8 - Innovations to Fit Your Needs

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