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    Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 Custom Solution Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 Custom Solution

    Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 Custom Solution

    Building your own custom Leica DMi8 imaging system is easier than you think.

    Whether you need an imaging system for super-resolution, light sheet, or FLIM microscopy, microspectroscopy /Raman, or photomanipulation, Leica makes it easy for you to dream up and create a solution that is as unique as your research.


    Unmatched Flexibility

    The Leica DMi8 is a completely modular, versatile platform for advanced microscopy.

    You can add the functions you need, remove those you don't need, and completely customize the system for your precise requirements. And, you can make upgrades for your future work.

    Customize your imaging solution

    ·         Perfect foundation: Create your own custom imaging solution

    ·         Full flexibility: Choose only the components you need

    ·         Direct access: Two ports to build directly into the light path

    ·         Support network: Documentation and research support available to help you

    Outstanding Optics

    You get the full benefit of a tradition of outstanding optics with a Leica DMi8 custom-built system.

    Objectives for your needs

    ·         Set your research apart with high quality optics

    ·         Choose from more than 300 objectives

    ·         Access the Leitz Optic Center to design the solution that meets your unique needs

    More information on our optics portfolio.


    Technical Data at Your Fingertips

    Get the technical data and assistance you need! With the Leica DMi8, they are publicly accessible, because we at Leica Microsystems want to open a world of microscopy solutions to you.

    Create your own solutions for

    ·         Super-resolution

    ·         Light sheet

    ·         FLIM

    ·         Microspectroscopy

    ·         Photomanipulation

    With the Leica DMi8 as your foundation, the possibilities are nearly endless.







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