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    Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 for Ratio Imaging Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 for Ratio Imaging

    Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 for Ratio Imaging

    Inverted Microscope Leica DMi8 for Ratio Imaging

    Understanding intracellular machinery, pathways and protein-protein interactions is crucial to decode the fundamental processes of life. Ratiometric imaging and FRET measurements, like other quantitative methods, help to decipher these molecular mechanisms. The gathered data will improve scientific insights and be the foundation for more effective drugs and medical treatments.

    Leica DMi8 Quantitative Imaging System

    The Leica DMi8 is an ideal device for ratiometric and quantitative imaging. Hardware, software and accessories work in harmony to guarantee the best performance.

    ·         Fully motorized Leica DMi8

    ·         Infinity Port (additional incident illumination port)

    ·         Leica Application Suite X (imaging software)

    ·         External Filter Wheel (fast fluorescence switching device)

    ·         FURA objectives (maximized UV detection)

    ·         Photometrics DualView™ (image splitter)

    ·         sCMOS camera

    See the Signal

    Leica Microsystems offers a variety of objectives which are well suited for ratiometric imaging. You can choose from a wide range of new objectives created with best-in-class quality. For FURA imaging, choose objectives with up to 60% transmission at
    340 nm to maximize signal detection.  

    Collect More Data

    Designed to work with modern fast cameras with big sensor-fields such as sCMOS cameras, the Leica DMi8 has an enlarged field of view (19 mm) on each documentation port.

    Obtain high resolution images for your data analysis with high speed. Imaging FURA2 often needs high speed data acquisition. Optimized for state-of-the-art sCMOS cameras, the Leica DMi8 is prepared to work with the fastest cameras in the market.

    Add More Speed

    To image at high speed, external fluorescence filter wheels can be added to the Leica DMi8. Lightweight and small in diameter, they offer precise and fast switching (24 ms) with minimal vibration. Add fast External Filter Wheels for outstanding performance in dual excitation quantitative imaging experiments such as ratiometric imaging of Ca2+ or pH-sensitive dyes.

    Work Simultaneously

    The Leica DMi8 is perfectly compatible with a variety of external and internal accessories. For FRET signals or dual-emission Ca-sensors (i.e. Indo-1 or Fluo3/Furared), a fast camera combined with a dual-view device increases aquisition speed by simultaneously recording two channels.

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