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    Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 for Advanced Imaging Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 for Advanced Imaging

    Инвертированный микроскоп Leica DMi8 for Advanced Imaging

    Inverted Microscope Leica DMi8 for Advanced Imaging

    To understand complex cellular processes, observation and interaction with your samples requires a variety of techniques. Multi-dimensional imaging with up to 6 parameters (x, y, z, t, lambda, n) provides comprehensive data sets to study a wide range of cellular activities. Accurate visualization and analysis of collected data are essential tools in determining the right answers to your research questions. The Leica DMi8 solutions for advanced imaging combine precision tools that ensure high resolution accurate data with powerful, yet easy-to-use analysis capabilities.

    Leica DMi8 Advanced Fluorescence Imaging System

    Find your individual Leica DMi8 solution dedicated to your application based on our proposal.

    ·         Fully motorized Leica DMi8

    ·         Closed Loop Focus Drive (precise positioning along z axis)

    ·         Leica Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)

    ·         Infinity Port (Additional incident illumination port)

    ·         Leica Application Suite X (Software)

    ·         Leica EL6000 (light source)

    ·         Leica Fast External Filter Wheels (fast fluorescence switching)

    ·         Leica DFC365 FX camera (CCD camera)

    ·         Andor Zyla (sCMOS camera)

    ·         Photometrics DualViewTM (Image Splitter)

    Leica LAS X Software – Intuitive, Innovative, Indispensable

    From Beautiful Images to Quantitative Results

    Obtaining qualitative results only is not sufficient. Modern microscopy requires statistical evidence and tools for automated quantification. LAS X offers comprehensive solutions for interactive measurements and wizard-based automated 2D and 3D image analysis. For specialized analysis, it is even possible to load functions and macros from open sources such as ImageJ directly into LAS X.

    Impressive Focus Accuracy

    Do you need a fast software auto-focus, but also highly accurate positioning to follow small structures like vesicles over time? Or do you need high resolution three-dimensional images of large data sets?

    In both cases, standard microscope focus drives do not work with sufficient accuracy to obtain meaningful data at high resolution. Rather than using a step motor, the Closed Loop Focus drive measures and positions with 20 nm reproducibility over an increased travel range of 12 mm. With this level of precision, 3D imaging is more accurate than ever before.

    Stay in Focus

    Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) actively keeps the focus stable even after changing environmental conditions. The image-based High Speed Autofocus function in LAS X uses independent camera and illumination settings to find the focal plane with a minimal amount of light on the sample. Combine AFC with High-Speed Autofocus to actively find, refocus and reduce time focusing. Not only will your experiment stay in focus, but with minimal phototoxicity unwanted stress on your cells will be reduced.

    High-Speed Fluorescence

    Leica Microsystems’ External Filter Wheels for living cell applications are fast, vibration-free, and exceptionally versatile. Their short switchover times are perfect for fast multi-color time-lapse and 3D acquisition. Use Leica Microsystems’ fast filter wheels for excitation, attenuation and emission control to capture cellular events at the speed of life.

    Excitation and emission light can be selected in just 24 milliseconds (acquisition speed: 31 fps), and individual excitation colors can be attenuated just as quickly.

    Brilliant Illumination

    Only illuminate your cells when you need to. Fast switching LED based light sources like Lumen Dynamics X-Cite® XLED1 and Lumencor SPECTRA X light engine® as well as the proven Leica EL6000, now with a faster and more precise shutter, minimize phototoxicity during long term experiments.

    The Infinity Port

    The Infinity Port provides access into the infinite light path of the microscope, creating outstanding flexibility for fluorescence illumination and manipulation.

    With this novel design, the microscope allows integration of additional fluorescent light sources and laser systems for advanced applications like FRAP, photo-switching, ablation, optogenetics, and many more.

    Create Your Own Leica DMi8

    The Infinity Port Connector and complete optomechanical documentation provide flexibility in the light path to add anything you want.

    Attach Thorlabs Cage Systems or Linos Microbench or Nanobench components directly to the Infinity Port Connector of the Leica DMi8.







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